CSA Week 1

I got my first CSA box from Siembra Farms this weekend, and it's beautiful.

CSA Box Week 1

this week's box:

  • a bunch of Japanese eggplants
  • a bag full of mini bell peppers and some banana peppers
  • one lovely Calabaza pumpkin
  • two heads of lettuce
  • one head of bok choy
  • Hakurei turnips
  • Shunkyo radishes
  • two little cucumbers
  • a bag of baby Asian greens mix
  • a bag of arugula
  • and some roselles (hibiscus) that make delicious tea

meal planning preliminary thoughts

Ooo, I can make that eggplant sushi from Kansha. Probably with some soup. And I could pickle the radishes or the turnips!

Pumpkin... tricky. Maybe soup? Or I could roast it.

Definitely going to stir-fry some of those peppers and have others in salads.

Not a huge fan of arugula in salad - maybe I'll add it to a soup or stir fry.

More about this week's cooking plans and results to come...